Dental Bridges In Passaic

dental bridgesAre you constantly worried about your teeth being too far spaced? Well, you should consider using dental bridges. As the name suggests, they are used to bridge the gap created by missing teeth. On either side of the gap, there are crowns that are used as anchors when the false tooth is placed. When placed, dental bridges are usually supported using implants or the natural teeth.

There are a few good advantages of trying out dental bridges. First, if you’re worried about your smile because of missing teeth, they are the best for restoring your smile. Secondly, if you’re missing some teeth, you’re likely to have a few issues when speaking or eating; which can be corrected using these dental bridges. Third, they can be used to maintain the shape of your face. Lastly, dental bridges can prevent the remaining teeth from falling completely out of position.

If you find a good Passaic dentist to install these bridges, he/she should advice you on the 3 types available. First, there are traditional bridges which are either made out of ceramics, porcelain or metal. Basically, a crown is created on both sides of the gap and a Pontic is placed in between. Secondly, there are cantilever dental bridges that are actually not very common, especially if placed at the back of the mouth. If there is too much pressure with these bridges, the rest of the teeth can be easily damaged.

Video About Dental Bridges

Here is a YouTube video describing dental bridges:

Lastly, there are the Maryland bonded dental bridges which are placed on either side of the gap and bonded to the natural teeth already in place. They are usually made out of porcelain, a framework of plastic teeth and gums or porcelain fused to metal. Visit your dentist for more information on dental bridges if you’re looking to replace your missing teeth or hide a gap between your teeth.