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dentist in Elizabeth New JerseyPeople who live in Elizabeth NJ require a great dentist. One of the needs every community has is a good dentist. Children have dental needs that differ from adults, and having professionals specifically trained to meet those needs is a sign of a well-rounded city. The community dentist offers is a great example of a region with all the amenities residents need.

Kids first start to receive their baby teeth during the 1st six months of their lives. By six or so years old, they begin to lose those baby teeth, which after a while are replaced by their second set of permanent teeth. Without the correct dental care, kids might experience the oral disease and decay that can bring them complications and pain for the rest of their lives. Nowadays, early childhood dental cavities, a disease that is infectious, is five times more frequent in kids than asthma, and seven times more commonplace than hay fever.

Kids are not just little grownups. They aren’t always mature enough to be cooperative and patient during an oral exam. Pediatric dentists have learned to perform exams and to treat kids in ways that make them feel at ease. Beyond that, pediatric dentists use special equipment in dental offices that are decorated and organized in a way best suited for children.

Cosmetic Dentistry In Elizabeth

Cosmetic dentists are increasingly in demand across New Jersey, and nowhere is that more true than Elizabeth. And one of the procedures our crack dental staff frequently provide is the installation of dental veneers.

Getting the pristine smile you’ve always dreamed of takes time, patience, and care from the patient, as well as the dentist. While many patients get braces in hopes of straightening out their teeth, many patients are now getting porcelain veneers. Veneers are used to give patients the perfect teeth they’ve always dreamed of without the time and annoyance of braces. Below is a summary of veneers and their purposes.

Getting Veneers

In the initial appointment, the dentist will take x-rays of the patient’s mouth to figure out the oral health of the patient and recommend the correct veneers for both their smile and their pocketbook.

Once this has been done, the number of veneers will be decided. Veneers mainly come in sets of two in order to even out the look of a person’s smile.

After this, more x-rays are taken as a precaution. Then, the teeth are numbed and temporary veneers are fitted into place. Impressions will be sent to the laboratory so they can custom make the veneers for the patient.

Finally, the permanent veneers will be put in place and the patient will be show their brand new smile.

What Are Porcelain Veneers?

Veneers are made out of porcelain or resin composite and are applied to the surface of the tooth. They are cemented to the tooth and are a permanent solution to crooked or chipped teeth. They can also be used as a more permanent whitening solution in extreme cases of discoloration.

Pros and Cons of Veneers

Veneers have a definite aesthetic advantage, as they offer the most realistic option when it comes to teeth replacement and repair. Veneers are close to the fastest option for smile perfection, especially compared to braces. Along with this, they can be made to match the color and size of the original tooth to a tee, minus the defects of course. On the downside, however, veneers are quite costly, often times costing a thousand dollars per tooth. This can be a large cost for many patients. On top of this, veneers are permanent, and the tooth underneath cannot be recovered without a veneer. Finally, sensitivity can pose a problem to those with sensitive mouths.

On the upside, the veneer industry is evolving constantly, creating longer lasting veneers than ever, some even lasting twenty years or beyond. For more information about how veneers can help your smile contact our Elizabeth dental practice.

Dental Fillings In Elizabeth

For a lot of people cavities can be a consequence of eating habits that can be difficult to avoid. No matter how much a child may brush, rinse and floss, there is still a chance that a cavity can make its way in to some of the harder areas to reach. Of course, remaining proactive and going to the dentist in Elizabeth twice per year for a check up and cleaning can have a great impact on your ability to fight cavities. However, if you still end up getting a cavity, you will want to find out all about your options for dental fillings.

To start off, you can ask your dentist about the type of dental fillings that they offer. Some dentists will actually do a temporary filling that can corrode over time so it is best to ask for permanent fillings. Not only will they last for the life of your tooth but it will also keep you from having to go in for any otherwise unnecessary dental visits.

In years past, dental fillings were often made of dangerous materials such as mercury. Because mercury is toxic for your body it is important that you stay away from it when it comes to your fillings. Many patients will also ask that their dentist gives them resin fillings that are synthetic over a metal filling for this very reason.

If you have never had dental fillings and you are scheduled to have one, you should know that it is a fairly easy procedure. Most patients will report a limited amount of discomfort in the beginning that can take some getting used to until the filling is fully hardened. In the end, you are going to be glad that you have a dental filling in place wherever you had a level of decay in your tooth.

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